Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Off light switch hook

Electrical engineer Scott Amron's pet project, Die Electric, where he experiments with strange objects that abstractly conserve power. His newest product is the Off light switch hook that grants extra utility to a normal light switch in order to add a real incentive for the user to keep it in the "off" position as often as possible. Lights on? Then you can't hang your undaroos here, sorry...
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Know Yer Food ::.

Some of our favorite products to consume are the products that we put in to our mouths--food! Yet, like much of the stuff that we consume, we don't really know where it's been. Worldwatch Institute has a neat little piece that tells us how to keep it real when it comes to good eats.
Here's a taste:
Eating local keeps money in the local economy, helps preserve farmland, and usually means tastier food. In the midst of food safety crises, eating local also brings a certain peace of mind because the shopper can get much more information about what they are actually buying.
Learn more about the Slow Food movement here, how to track your Food Miles here, and the similarities between good food and smart design here.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burton Goe-Tex Denim Pack

Burton will be coming out with a Gore-Tex denim pack this Fall. The Authentic Denim Jacket and Authentic Denim pants come with washed denim and a red gore-tex inner lining. They also come with all sorts of other technical...

Burton will be coming out with a Gore-Tex denim pack this Fall. The Authentic Denim Jacket and Authentic Denim pants come with washed denim and a red gore-tex inner lining. They also come with all sorts of other technical features - the jacket with a detachable hood and the pants with zippers and buttons to wear in differnt ways. From the pictures we cannot really say that we like the look of this pack, but technically its definitely interesting and maybe it looks worn better than here on the pics. Pictures via Antenna Magazine.
Check out both pieces is more detail after the jump.

New low price, same 'low' use

Break open the piggy banks, girls and boys, production of the XO1, the $100 laptop, has been ramped-up, with hardware suppliers being given the go-ahead to produce components needed to build millions of the machines. For less than the cost of a pair of designer jeans, a needy child can become a participant in the global online community as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program. Once disparaged by such tech worthies as Intel chairman Greg Barret and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the laptop now draws praise from the tech community for its innovative design. Whether the child lives in the deserts of Libya or the mountains of Peru, there is a powering option available for them, including solar, foot-pump, or pull-string power. To accommodate schoolchildren without a roof over their heads, the laptops also come with a sunlight-readable display.
And in an early sign of the OLPC program’s success, Nigerian children who were part of a pilot group have already used the laptops to view pornographic websites . The computers “would now be fitted with filters,” said a representative of OLPC.
But if you're feeling these kids are getting all the breaks, commercial versions of these laptops may be available for $350 by Christmas.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

D* Face :Street Art

Street artist D*Face took your standard random pole-out-of-the-ground and turned it into a missile-like structure--cracks in the sidewalk and all. Shazam!
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2007 IDEA Award winners

IDSA has just announced the new top picks for 2007's IDEA Award. This year offers a cornucopia of products and concepts that focus on usability and streamlined function--not a whole lot of fancy-pants trendy stuff this time around.
Scooping up a Gold award in the Consumer Products category is the Palm Peeler designed by and for Chef'n Corporation. This vegetable peeler reinvents the way we skin veggies (geez, finally!) by protecting fingers from the blade and from cramping while keeping a clean, modern look.
In the Medical and Scientific sector, the Nanopoint cellTRAY, another Gold winner, is an incredibly advanced microscope slide with an integrated bio-incubator that enables researchers to perform time-lapse imaging of living cells. This is an industry first, accredited to the work of Carbon Design Group and Nanopoint Inc.
IDEO and Eclipse Aviation's 500 Very Light Jet design snagged a Gold in both Transportation and Interaction Design. It's a small twin-engine, 6-seater (including the pilot!) turbofan jet aircraft--the first very light jet to receive approval from the FAA. It has a highly mechanized, automated, modular build like a model kit and its interior takes only two hours to assemble. The jet's cockpit interface not only looks cool, but is the result of implementing intuitive controls, reducing clutter and fatigue, and increasing motion efficiency.
The student selections were very utility based this year, with Best in Show awarded to Gold winner and University of Cincinnati student Ryan Eder for his exercise machine designed for users with or without disabilities, The Access, a truly universal design.
View all 2007 IDEA Award winners here.
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The making of Damian Hirst’s Diamond Skull

The making of Damian Hirst’s Diamond Skull.
DAMIEN HIRST’s $100 million diamond-encrusted platinum skull entitled “For The Love of God”, isn’t just the most talked about piece of art in recent times, but its a pretty popular topic of discussion for anyone interested in Popular Culture. Supertouch have brought to our attention this step by step guide to how the skull was made, they also bring about the very valid point, that while it is widely discussed.. not much has actually been revealed about it! No one really knows that much… until now.. check it out here.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Naoto Fukasawa Demonstrates the Impact of Materials in Design

All of these chairs are identical in size and shape, but there's one important difference between them. Each chair is made from a different material. One's marble. Another's redwood. The others are in concrete, acrylic, wickerwork, attaché-case metal, polyurethane foam, felt and even hay.
The result is intriguing. Each material transforms the appearance of the chair, creating what seems like an optical illusion. The transparent acrylic chair seems to melt away to nothingness. The marble one looks chunkier, and the redwood chair chunkier still. That's exactly what their designer, Naoto Fukasawa, wanted to happen when he hit upon the idea of creating a series of chairs to illustrate the impact of a single design decision - the choice of material.
Fukasawa's nine chairs are part of Vitra Editions which are exhibited at Vitra's production complex in Weil-am-Rhein on the border of Germany and Switzerland.
via IHT
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Relaxing By the Pool

This week promises to be hot in Rome and we find ourselves absolutely longing for a watery retreat like the one in this ad for swimming pool design firm Piscine Castiglione near Milan:

WeeklyDrop 40: Erik Brunetti of FUCT

Erik Brunetti is a f'n artist. Here at epodic.org, we have followed him and his intel for many years. Thank you Weekly Drop! As you will find out in this show, Erik has strong opinions on today's clothing scene as well as perception of what FUCT is and was. Expect Erik to talk on many topics including: graphic arts, paroday ripoffs, and cycling. Listen in.
Download WeeklyDrop EP40 with Erik Brunetti of FUCT (2007 07 17)
Episode Links:

The Stooges and Iggy Pop X STUSSY

On Saturday July 21, Stussy stores will release a collaboration with the legendary rock group, The Stooges. Led by front man Iggy Pop, The Stooges were formed in 1967 and "virtually single-handedly godfathered punk rock, garage rock and American heavy metal." They reformed in 2003 for live shows and recently released their first new studio album in over 30 years, The Weirdness. On July 28, 2007, Iggy Pop and The Stooges will perform at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan along with The Beastie Boys, The Cure, The Chemical Brothers and Fishbone. To celebrate the occasion Stussy is releasing this collaboration t-shirt!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

INQMND Artist Profiles - Zion

Inquiring Mind just started a new series of Artist Profiles on their site. Much like their great big interview features, they will interview some of the most inspiring artists in our culture. They started with Toronto graffiti artist Zion. Check it out here.

Green laptop blueprint from Popular ScienceThursday

This month's Popular Science magazine has a special feature on the future of the environment . Among the articles is a great piece on how to build a better laptop.
Here's a bit:
In 2009, worldwide laptop sales are expected to surpass desktop sales for the first time--reaching more than 150 million. Most people will keep a laptop for just three years or so before shelving it or tossing it onto a junk heap. Here's how designers plan to make this ubiquitous gadget more eco-friendly across its entire life span, from manufacture to recycling.
Read the full article here.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You Tube CAM

This day was inevitable, Sony is offering a camera designed specifically for video bloggers. The pocket-sized 5 megapixel camera can record five hours of footage in MPEG-4 format on a 2GB media card, then seamlessly uploads them to the web. Now that the hindrance of complicated transfers and messing with annoying formatting is out of the way, film-geeks everywhere can put their cajones on the line and make their better-than-Hollywood family dramas, and have you watch them on YouTube. Available for $200 September 2007. via engadget

SSUR Cashmere New Era Cap

Here you see the latest New Era cap by SSUR. The artists recreated the famous Fedora hat in the form of a New Era - very smart idea and the execution with simple colors and cashmere tops it off.
"This 100% cashmere NEW ERA 59Fifty cap is a nod in respect to the fedora, whose distinctive shape has been rocking since the late 1800s. The Fedora was made infamous by prohibition-era gangsters like Al Capone and became a class act with actors Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney. Many fashion historian credits JFK for pushing the fedora out of popular circulation (unlike former Presidents, John F Kennedy was rarely seen in a hat). SSUR presents the best of both worlds, mixing couture and street fashion. The SSUR Fedora fitted features an embroidered feather on one side panel and a tonal SSUR script logo on the other. Look for this to be available in two colorways: Black/Red and Grey/Black. Coming soon exclusively at SSUR*PLUS." Via Strictly Fitteds.

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GRN Appletree Fall '07 Delivery 1 Preview

This month GRN Appletree will be releasing their first part of their Fall 2007 collection. Their collection grew a lot and besides t-shirts and hoodies, also denim, shirts and caps made their way into the collection, making it now overall a pretty complete line.
Of course they continue sourcing out vintage fabrics, a unique characteristic of the brand. T-shirts this season are also looking really good with some strong graphics, while mostly also giving them a vintage look and prints on washed out colors. Expect the Fall 1 line to be available later this month.
Check it all out after the jump.

P.A.D. by Eli Bonerz of XLarge Launches

P.A.D. is the creation of Eli Bonerz and Thomas Robertson of Ripple Design. After his degrees in design he went on to become the founder and art director of Xlarge® and developed the streetwear company into a global lifestyle brand. Thomas Robertson is an architect and founder of Ripple Design.
P.A.D. celebrates California Case Study design while remaining solidly contemporary in form. Just in time for summer, P.A.D. will make its debut with the Clip Series, a four-piece pool & patio set consisting of a Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Pool Chair, and Side Table. Designed for outdoor use, each piece is constructed from bent steel tubing and double-powder coated to ensure maximum durability. UV and mildew resistant vinyl straps decorate the Lounge Chair and Pool Chair and are available in three color options: Chartreuse, White, and Cyan. Steel frame colors can be customized to fit any decor. Each design is manufactured in Los Angeles, California and sold with a protective outdoor cover. P.A.D. is available exclusively at FORDBRADY.
The collection will debut at a private party held on Saturday, July 21 from 8-11pm at FORDBRADY’s Chinatown showroom.
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Digital Shoplifting: You knew it had to happen eventually

Core favorite We Make Money Not Art pointed the way recently, via an interview with artist Paolo Cirio, to a new "crime" reaching epidemic proportions in the shops and newsstands of Japan: Digital Shoplifting.
According to the BBC article describing it, young Japanese (mostly female) shoppers are getting quite comfortable integrating quick photos into their phone discussions. So comfortable, in fact, that it's a crime.
The Japanese Magazine Publishers Association is describing the common practice of shooting and sending snapshots of cute dress and hairstyle layouts in magazines as "information theft," and is spearheading an advertising campaign to discourage it. It's too early to say for sure whether it'll be effective, but our money is on "not a chance." The BBC article mentions the difficulty shop employees have distinguishing between chatting and taking snapshots, but there's the deeper issue of calling an action illegal when it is expressly encouraged by the introduction of a recent technology.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weekly Drop x Claw Money

Weekly Drop x Claw Money
The boys at Weekly Drop hit up Claw Money for their latest episode. Claw Money has made a name for herself within the graffiti scene, fashion scene and most recently with sneakers on her latest collaboration with Nike on some Blazers. Look out for more from the Weekly Drop crew later this week.

Tennis ball benches

Having been to more than our share of furniture fairs and design school exhibitions, we've seen benches made out of everything; but this is the first we've seen made out of tennis balls. Dutch design team +Remy/Veenhuizen came up with the benches for a Rotterdam museum, where they're not just art pieces, you can actually sit on 'em. See more from this dynamic duo here (hope you can read Dutch!).
via joshspears
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Paper Monster Doin' It Again ::.

We recently showed you some work from New York City street artist Papermonster. Abort Magazine has just done a podcast feature on him. Check out the podcast here. Make sure to check out his site after the podcast feature.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coroflot Magazine Issue Two: Axis

The second issue of Coroflot's new bi-monthly publication is out, featuring eleven totallyexcellent Coroflot members who answered the call for work on the theme of Axis. There's some stunning work in there, so check it out. Here's the pitch:
When we think of an axis the first thing that comes to mind are the balanced opposites that are needed for rotation to take place. Like two duelling magnets, contemporary art and design requres conflicting forces to have movement or power. It is for these reasons that the axis is a weighty topic to present and discuss in the art and design making process. Where do we start with our first line? What are the opposing forces that move around this central mark? How do these forces affect our viewer/consumer? The work of artists in Coroflot Issue Two deal with the ideas of axis and with opposites ranging from 'rebellion vs. regulation' to 'price vs. value' to 'appropriation vs. creativity'.Download It Here. (15.8mb pdf)
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Stainless Steel Wallet?

Wallets are an essential for every guy. Whether you keep yours in the front, the back, or the vest pocket, they inevitably get worn down. Solve that with this stainless steel wallet designed by Stewart/Stand. In the event of nuclear war, it'll be your wallet and the roaches that remain. via thrillist

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boeing's new 787: designed by Seattle-based Teague

Whoa-ho-ho! Check out the interior of Boeing's new 787, designed by Seattle-based Teague, as in Walter Dorwin. Click here for the rest of the flicks. Pretty plane.

Also, Teague President and CEO, John Barratt, talks to David Kirkpatrick, Sr. Editor of Fortune Magazine about the design of the 787 and how Teague aimed to re-enliven the spirit of flight.

"We're going for it...it's going to be a breakthrough plane...."

via scifi

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Christian Hosoi To Cover Kona Skate ParK

By Press Release

Hosoi and Tony Hawk to celebrate oldest private skate park in the nation.

Go211.com (www.Go211.com), the premier action sports, social networking and online video-sharing site, announced today that the Go211 Pro Team’s Christian Hosoi will cover the 30th Kona Since ’77 Anniversary in Jacksonville, Florida. Hosio will be on location July 6th to report on the celebration of nation’s oldest private skate park.

Established in 1977 the Kona Skatepark is equipped with concrete speed runs, featuring a snake run, J-run, 30' deep bowl with 6' tombstone extension as well as a freestyle area. The park also includes a kidney pool, Mini Ramp with spine, street course and vert ramp. Kona’s terrain was the training ground for many of today’s Pros. Since its opening, Kona has hosted numerous national exhibitions and competitions, including the USA Open Skateboarding Championship. Some still pay homage to the park by including it as a stop on pro tours such as Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skate Park Tour.

Read On >>>

Ed Templeton X Emerica

“Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back,” a book of photos taken by Ed Templeton during Emerica’s Wild Ride in 2006, across America’s heartland from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois. As part of the Gold Thread release, a division of Emerica, Ed’s new book is a limited-edition release with less than 2,500 copies available worldwide and found only at local skateboard shops. Check out www.emericaskate.com to find the nearest location and for more information. More after the jump.

Read More …

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Slam X Lemar & Dauley Interview

Damian of Slam X interviewed the good people of Lemar & Dauley.. Check out the interview here.

Thanks slamXhype

Alex Amerri ::.


Artist Alex Amerri has created a visually stunning piece that is available for sale as a limited edition 2 color silk screen print on Stonehenge paper. Sales directly benefit the Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles.

'All My Friends Are Made Of Paper'


Check out Wooster's 'All My Friends Are Made Of Paper' - A Survey of the Work of Armsrock' , the latest limited edition book in the'Wooster On Paper' series.

LED Coffee Table


"because we can" have created a couple of neat reactive LED coffee tables

NiXon loDown Watch


nixon's lodown digital watch lets surfers and other beach bums graph the current tidal level for 200 beaches around the world

Sunday, July 8, 2007

European designers to meet in World Design Capital to promote usability and design

The first European regional conference of the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) will take place in Torino, Italy, named the 2008 World Design Capital.
The UPA Europe 2008 conference will focus on usability and design and is expected to take place in October or December 2008. Designers, researchers and usability specialists from around the world will be invited to share and learn about innovative ways to design better products and experiences.
Read press release
Posted by: Mark Vanderbeeken

Transformer Toy Designer Alex Kubalsky

In the spirit of the recent release of Transformers the movie, PingMag caught up with Melbourne born Alex Kubalsky, a toy designer at Takaratomy living in Tokyo who created the transformations for Bumblebee, Mirage and a heap of merchandise.
... I tried to get into industrial design but didn't: I got top marks for the portfolio and the interview - but there was this drawing test. In the end, I just ran out of time and I failed miserably...
read interview
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HYPEberlin ::. KicKin'

hypeberlin is finally up and running … the first video-interviews feature Bianca (Nike Spiritroom) and Allen (aka/12oz prophet) … There’s a lot more coming within the next days … so keep checking! The whole project is dedicated to all motherfuckers out there representing the real deal, especially The Hypediss Berlin Gang (King of Mitte, Atomgas and Vincator). Thanx to Adam/Slamx for giving us the opportunity to spread the word! Signing off, Sammy Raybee

By 44

Meditations On The Cult Of Banksy
It’s a funny thing to watch mainstream media continue to sharpen its collective focus on the world of graffiti and street art, elevating its reigning cults of personality to legendary status. This week sees an interesting think piece by writer Jonathan Jones of the Guardian on the phenomenon of Banksy and his place in the post-modern art world.
I couldn’t put it any better… check out the read over at the Guardian, more than worthwile! Thanks to Supertouch for picking up on this.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Torino Geodesign call for proposals launched

A few months ago mark v., wrote here about the presentation of the Torino Geodesign project, a competition of ideas - open to designers, architects, visual artists and graphic designers - who are interested in designing objects, utensils and services in collaboration with communities residing in the Turin area and companies based in Piedmont, Italy.
The project is organised by Torino 2008 World Design Capital in collaboration with Abitare magazine (and lead by its editor-in-chief Stefano Boeri) and a call for proposals (pdf) has just been published. Deadline: 30 September.
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Tetris wheatpaste in Paris

Street artist Laurent's bold and simple Tetris wheatpaste piece on the streets of Paris is a nice contrast to the illustration-heavy majority of paste-ups.
via wooster collective
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Untitled BooK Vol. 7

By now most of you should know the Untitled Book that is put out by the Streetwear Today people twice a year for at Bread & Butter. While Streetwear Today keeps you more regularly up to date with whats going on and what products are being released, Untitled digs deeper into the culture and interviews interesting individuals.
The new Untitled Book No. 7 has been released at this years Bread & Butter. We just showed you this morning the limited edition collaboration t-shirts they did with Staple, Triumvir and Obey, here now a first look at the new book.

Check out some page spreads after the jump.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Futura Laboratories Bike Lockchain ::.

Here you see the next exciting bike lock chain after Supreme this time from Futura Laboratories. It comes in heavy metal, with the brands name written over the chain sleeve and with a really nice camouflage lock. It comes in a limited edition and is now available at Sold Out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hellz Bellz x Sneaker Freaker Interview

Lanie from Hellz Bellz is doing big things and this lady is definitely one to look out for. Aside from doing an interview with nitro:licious last month, she has just did another interview with Mafia from Sneaker Freaker…if you’re a fan of her goods you should def check it out!
> Hellz Bellz
> Sneaker Freaker Interview

Edition Space Radio

A speaker that combines high-end sound quality with 50s style design, this Rosie the Robot radiogram serves to remind listeners that audio equipment shouldn't overwhelm the audience. Dispense with fancy looking electronics that can reproduce frequencies only dogs and moose can hear. Bring the music home. (editionspace)

Bamboo Utensils

Yes, bamboo seems to be the darling child of the biodegradable set. We featured the Bamboo Attache and the Bamboo Plates, now here's the bamboo fork and knife. The fork resides within the body of the knife so when you're ready to dig into some roast pig and poi, just snap and eat. Designed by Giulio Lacchetti for Pandora Design. via Outnext

Winners of the 'Cars NOT Carbon' Competition Announced

These sports car adverts are by Ideas London, one of the category winners of the Cars NOT Carbon Competition. Their "Drive Smart Drive Green" concept reflects an understanding for how people love their cars but remind us "whatever you drive it should be green". For instance, the 'Green Ferrari' comes with green tricks saying:
"Wearing thin soled shoes or driving barefoot can increase your MPG."
"Don't drive over 40mph with the windows wide open. It decreases the car's aerodynamics and lowers fuel economy."
The Cars NOT Carbon winners and results were on show at last week's Low CVP annual conference. The challenge was to develop an effective marketing campaign or execution based on 'real world' low carbon issues.
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Rogue Status Green Gunshow

Rogue Status Green Gunshow
The latest colourway of the Rogue Status Gunshow tee has arrived on the doorstep of Cream and waiting to be snapped up. Also get your hands on some past colors if you have missed out.

Unkle ‘War Stories’

Unkle ‘War Stories’
I am sure Unkle needs no introduction… back with a third album, War Stories, James Lavelle has teamed up with Richard File once again. War Stories’ guest vocalists include Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Ian Astbury (The Cult), 3D (Massive Attack), The Duke Spirit, Autolux and Gavin Clark (Clayhill). The album has featured some specially commissioned paintings by Massive Attack’ s 3D. Have a small preview of what you can expect here, and get yours now online.


Secret Wars is basically Fight Club for artists. Presented by Monorex, it’s a series of live art battles where artists go head-to-head to fill up a white wall with nothing but skill & black markers. The second series kicked off last night in east London with Zadok, Alfa, Wen and Remi/Rough competing, the incredible Reeps 1 beatboxing (check this) and Nash Money & yours truly judging. If you’re in London on the 28th July then head down to the second round at Juno bar in Shoreditch… paint will spill.

New For the Homies @ Yes Diggity

Australian label For the Homies has devoloped a loyal local following on the strength of their hand crafted high-end cut ‘n sew, plus their irreverent take on hip-hop iconography. Yes Diggity have taken delivery of their latest prints, including this NBA Jam ‘big head’ style NWA tribute. Hit the Yes Diggity link above for more.
By K Moto

Lies San Fransisco Have Launched

Lies San Fransisco Have Launched
Lies is a brand that pulls largely from urban cycling culture. The first series, “Induction”, focuses on the cult like aspect of the various tiers of the urban bike world. Iconography from different kinds of cults and secret organizations are mixed with elements from bicycles and the lives surrounding the people who ride them. The color combinations are largely inspired by the combinations you see put together on track bikes. The blue/green color is specifically pulled from Bianchi’s signature color, “celeste”. Induction acts as an introduction to the world and visual language of Lies and a launching point for the brand. That said, each series will have a different unifying idea at its core. The next ones already in the works…
Now all you need to do is head on over to the site, here, you will be pleasently surprised cos its more than impressive!


Day in Rock Report

The Smoking Gun