Friday, February 8, 2008

Book Review : Panic Attack!: Art in the Punk Years

Released midway through 2007. "Punk is most commonly associated with music, fashion and graphics, but its rebellious and iconoclastic spirit also found expression in the visual arts. "Panic Attack!" explores British and American art between 1974 and 1984, a period not only of economic and social crisis but also of remarkable cultural energy, when art became increasingly politicized just as society at large was moving towards conservatism. Many of the artists featured were part of a dynamic interdisciplinary scene that embraced both art and music, producing work that was sometimes confrontational or angry, but always fiercely independent and intelligent. This work is a vibrant and powerful visual account of an exciting, innovative period in British and American art. It features the work of 30 leading artists, among them Gilbert & George, Nan Goldin, Derek Jarman. Keith Haring, Basquiat and Robert Mapplethorpe. It highlights the burning artistic concerns that defined the spirit of the punk years." - Amazon.
The Punk movement had a huge part to play in the creation and philosophy behind Streetwear, independant thought, rebellion, all aspects of the foundings of Streetwear, recent commentary has gone on to doubt the livelihood of the current streetwear movement, my feelings are that this is a mere result of cultural and economic spread deomgraphically and geographically. Its caused what was originally a niche philosophy and industry into the hands of more people. The result of cause a dilution of its origins. Whether it be Hip Hop, Skate, Punk or whatever other origins of your streetwear offerings, there are still those who covet the founders philosophy, they are merely hidden amongst numerous others who lack an understanding. Panic Attack focuses on the Art that boomed through this culture and era of Punk, many names which are now synomous with the era and have inspired a new wave of artists. In an era where its often slated as the death of Streetwear, the death of Underground in terms of art, fashion, music and more, the current wave of street artists being honed in by the fine art world is a sign that perhaps this is where the inspiration should lie within a new era of streetwear, the art is certainly there as it was in the Punk era, lets take advantage of a movement and an upward slide towards success. via* slamX

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