Saturday, February 2, 2008

As bottle lightweighting reaches its limits, the handle must go

What does the handle of a milk bottle have in common with a low-rent booking agent? They both take ten percent. UK recycling org WRAP estimates getting rid of the handles on plastic milk bottles will shave 10% off the materials, which means not just cheaper manufacturing costs, but less landfill.
Peter Skelton from WRAP's retail team said: "Plastic milk bottles are probably the most common plastic item found in household waste and manufacturers and brand owners have taken the current handled designs as far as they can go in terms of lightweighting. The vital next step is perfecting a handle-free design which works for the consumer."
Bottle producer Nampak is tackling the project in association with Dairy Crest, which puts out roughly a billion liters of milk in a year. Estimated savings gained by losing their bottle's handle? 1,250 tonnes of HDPE plastic. Designing a better grip feature seems like a small price to pay.
via food production daily
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