Friday, February 8, 2008

"Also Know As" Book Featuring Yuri Shibuya

"Also Know As" have been at the fore front of publication in our culture for some time know and it is a pleasure to hear when a new project is in the works. This latest book featuring photography by Yuri Shibuya who has been spending her summers over the last ten years walking the streets and hanging out with the ragtag cast of characters that help define the downtown New York City scene. Yuri has focused on graffiti, street culture, and especially skaters, with a very honest and nostalgic look at street life in one of the world's most upbeat cites New York over the last decade. Here are a few images from the book which is designed by the AKA crew and Yuri Shibuya is expected to land later this year.
Thanks to Allen Beredikt at AKA for the heads up. via* slamX

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