Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reductive culture-themed laptop design

That there is Portugese design student Joao Olivero's winning entry for a Hewlett-Packard contest to provide custom graphics for a laptop, on display at CES. While it's a tad facile from a cultural perspective--let's see, we've got a yin-yang, a sumo wrestler, a bonsai tree, a dragon, a temple, and two Samurais in a swordfight--it's undeniably eye-popping, which is probably why HP has decided to put the design into production. Should be ready come spring--just in time for Olivero to add some cherry blossoms!

Ideas to make an American-themed counterpart for the Asian market: a cheeseburger, a cow, two boxers, depreciating currency, an icon representing extraordinary rendition, and a house that can't be sold because the market's plummeting.

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