Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Burton Archive Series

Once again Burton has something very special waiting for you. Nike re-releases the Air Tech Challenge, a shoe made famous by Andre Agassi, the new Archive Series by Burton fits perfectly into the same category. We like to compare Nike and Burton, because both brands are in their market at the forefront in terms of style and innovation and especially at the mix of the two.

Burton did some digging and found Burton's original 1988 Racing Gloves, 1989 Safari Sweatshirt, 1990 Freestyle Shell, 1991 Freestyle Pant, 1991 Freestyle Suit and the 1992 Glacier Jacket. Using the DNA from these classic designs, they futurized them with all the latest tech magic and even added some graphic flavor from the 1989 Cruise board graphic. Old school is now new. Dust off your vintage Safari and get buck wild!

After the jump you can check out the rest of the Burton Archive Series.

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