Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Black Watch Co. BWC PVD 109

As of recent times, we've noticed a surge of timepiece related industry releases. A handy accessory that keeps most of our busy lives in check and at the same time compliment our individual nature. From digital to quartz we've seen an array of creative releases in the past year and now a new high-end timepiece has emerged, one not many of us would be able to partake in, but evident to see would garner a most warm welcome into the timepiece forray of our industry.

The Black Watch Co. is the brainchild of Le Messie (FALSE), one of the new emerging minds in our culture dedicated to quality over quantity, in partnership with German Jeweller/Watch Craftsman Martin L. Riedel and Industrial Designer Lars Amhoff (The Substain).

Designed by Le Messie the timepiece can be dubbed future vintage with it's smooth contours and rugged armored look reminiscent of old WWII engagement vehicles. The impressive 46mm case inspired by the much earlier Panerai models makes room for the hand-crafted grill face windowing the Unitas 6497-1 swiss hand-wound internal skeletal movt. The rubber strap that holds it together is manufactured with the same high quality natural indian rubber used on the famed Hublot collector watches. via SlamX

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