Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Of Brands 2007 Feature: via* SlamXHype

2007 was a big year in Streetwear, a transition into a new generation of streetwear brands making their mark, an older generation moving into a new direction and of course further growth of our niche economically and demographically, we don't just cover streetwear here at Slam though, when we speak of brands and those who made a big impact in 2007 we have to consider all aspects of Pop culture, Apple's moves within the year are an example of a brand name going from strength to strength. Have a look at what some of our friends and bloggers thought of the year thats been as far as which brands had a great year and why....

Adam Bryce

Fuct, I can't think of a brand in my lifetime that has made as big an impact in one year than Fuct did throughout 2007, and interestingly kept its high standard of quality and respect throughout all that growth. Erik Brunetti's decision to restrict production to Japan and availability of cut and sew to Japan has ensured that the brand will be kept in good steed in years to come as it continues to make one of the most impressive comebacks from any fashion or streetwear brand in some time.

Visvim, in an era where streetwear has become criticised for its lack of quality and inventiveness, Visvim has done nothing but provide the highest standards of quality and continue to create strong trends and a brand which has acquired a cult following. 2007 is merely a continuation of their good work, but with ongoing colaborations with the likes of Comme Des Garcons and others its obvious what direction they are headed, finding that gap between streetwear and fashion so sorely needed, as I expect the likes of Soph, Headporter Plus and Uniform Experiment to be a part of this movement too. Im always a big fan of Undercover, Margiela and Comme all had great years, it was great to see comebacks from Fergadelics Tonite and Moncler also.


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