Monday, December 17, 2007

JuJups 3D design and print portal

Ponoko was huge in pioneering public design and print communities, and now we've heard from Genometri about a new start-up portal that allows for consumer customization and manufacturing called JuJups. It has just launched in time for the 2007 holiday season, with customizable picture frames as its debut product. These might not be the most sophisticated frames out there, but it's "just the beginning of a long journey." The story here is about a starting place, what's to come, and what can be pulled from potential. The technology is provided by Genometri and printing by Z Corp in Boston. JuJups is named after a gummy holiday candy.

We believe that "everyone has an inherent desire - to design" Design is about self expression. It is about satisfying your desires. Once upon a time only a small portion of humanity could read or write. We would like to say that once upon a time "only a few people could design” but, JuJups changed that.

JuJups is powered by design technology that structures design in an intelligent way, just as much as CSS and Html structures text and graphic data in an intelligent way so that non-techies can create wonderful blog graphics and web pages that we enjoy today. JuJups will do the same to the world of products.

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