Saturday, December 1, 2007

ECO shop will open in Chiswick, west London

Carbon footprints, fossil fuels, climate change, global warming – clearly the environment is one of this generation’s most significant issues. Despite this knowledge, all too often something prevents us from changing the way we live. Change can be uncomfortably challenging, especially if there’s no guide or community to tap into to discuss the logistics of greening one’s life and one’s home. However all this is set to change in January, through the launch of ECO.

ECO– is an exciting new retail concept and the first of its kind – a store, showroom, consultancy and destination that will offer inspiration, ideas and specific domestic solutions for all those who want to lead a greener and more energy efficient life. Italian-born Nicola Giuggioli, together with his sister Livia Giuggioli and her husband, actor Colin Firth, have banded together with other like-minded individuals, including financier Ivo Coulson, to create a solution – ECO. ECO will bring together a carefully selected and created range of household products, appliances and building solutions that will combine technology with good design, resulting in products that are stylish as well as ecologically sound, from ideas to improve insulation and lessen energy use to eco-friendly furniture, paints and wallpapers. ECOpromises to deliver sustainability easily, and with style.

Crucially, in addition to making ‘green’ products available, ECO will act as a hub of information and services for anyone interested in the environment. It will be a place to produce, learn and share vital information about greening our lives, a place to network and plan for a greener world.

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