Sunday, December 9, 2007


A rat is smelled in Palestine… via* supertouch

In celebration of the holiday season, British provocateur-at-large, SIR BANKSY has added his touch to the security wall separating Jerusalem & Palestine as part of this year’s annual pop-up SANTA’S GHETTO art shop which is set to open soon in the holiday motherland of Bethlehem as one of the most poignant shows of the year with incredibly high-quality work to spare. Featuring new works for sale by “street artists” BANKSY, SWOON, RON ENGLIGH, AIKO, BAST, LUCY MAC, KELSEY BROOKS, PAUL INSECT, GEE VAUCHER, ANTHONY MICALLEF, JONATHAN YEO, CONOR HARRINGTON, BLU, ERIC THE DOG, and 3D, among others, the show will benefit local needy children with 100% of profits being distributed to local non-governmental run, non-denominational charities. HAVE A LOOK: Read the rest of this entry »

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