Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ross Lovegrove to debut Solar Tree at Vienna Design Week

Ross Lovegrove's Solar Tree solar-powered street lighting system was designed for the Museum for Angewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna to showcase the crossbreeding of nature, art, and design. Engineered by Artemide in collaboration with solar cell producer Sharp Solar, the Solar Tree aims to apply advanced technology without compromising beauty. The plant-like form mimics our natural environment in an attempt to bring light and life to urban ones.

The SOLAR TREES communicate more than light...they communicate the trust of placing beautifully made, complex natural forms outside for the benefit of all of society becoming a museum that if folded inside out, the museum as an incubator of change in society...and with this the promotion of environmental science and the joy of the new aesthetics made possible by the digital process.

Solar Tree will makes its debut appearance in front of the MAK on October 8th, in conjunction with Vienna Design Week.

via dezeen

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