Monday, September 10, 2007

Hyperthesis' The Melting Iceberg...a gentle reminder

New Zealand-based multidisciplinary design studio Hyperthesis Visual Lab has just busted out with The Melting Iceberg, a visual representation of, well, a melting iceberg, animated by way of good ol' candle "technology." Aside from aesthetic appeal, Hyperthesis' main goal is to send an ecological message.

The idea is to produce candles that are based on an iceberg look and shape. This presents a strong iconic image about our climate change. This candle creates a strong conscious about our actions of warming the planet with the consumption of coal, oil and natural gases. This consumption has become main cause of greenhouse gas increases in the atmosphere and produce heat waves for our planet, melting the icebergs and shrinking our landmasses. Our intention is to save nature and not to lose it forever.
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