Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Company with a process for bringing your ideas to market

As the phrase goes, Ideas are like bellybuttons, everyone's got one. (The Army variant of the phrase substitutes a different body part.)

"Everyone has [ideas]," echoes Ajay Gupta, the president of IDEA Product Design. "But until you do something to prove that you have a working idea, you are not going to get manufacturers interested in it." That's why IDEA--that's Innovative Design, Engineering, Animation--has put together a proprietary, team-based way to bring the average inventor's products to market.

Here's how it works:

IDEA begins by taking a good look at the inventor's [ideas/patents], and thoroughly defining the project to help guide the next steps. Once project parameters have been defined, project teams drawn from IDEA's staff of over 90 industrial designers, animators, and engineers from among a variety of disciplines conduct research to gain a comprehensive understanding of needs and opportunities for the product. Then, multiple concepts are developed to address the identified needs, and the inventor decides which concept continues through the rest of the process.

The end result places in the inventor's hands an average 30-page portfolio/presentation package that tells the complete story of the product and its potential. The package may include an animated CD with 2D and 3D CAD and a storyboard that fully explains and shows how a product will look on the shelf, in the end-user's hands, and even how it would interact in its environment and fit into today's culture. IDEA also provides a manufacturing assessment telling manufacturers what processes will be utilized to make the product, what it might cost to manufacture and bring to market, and even what type of profit margin the manufacturer might expect.

Interested? You can check out case studies or contact IDEA about your own project at their website.

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