Tuesday, August 21, 2007


When we got a copy of the new album “At War With Everybody,” by Chicago-based hardcore band PUNCH IN THE FACE featuring another zombified masterpiece by one of our favorite young artists MIKE SUTFIN, we realized we were long overdue in singing his praises. A Bay Area-based illustrator with ridiculous rendering chops working in just about every style possible, Sutfin has been busy in recent years churning out fantastic examples of his own hybrid brand of “Heavy Metal”–meets–Pushead fantasy art for record companies, Magic cards, the Star Wars merchandising empire, comic books, and skate brands like Hollywood and Foundation, firmly establishing himself in a world largely overpopulated by lesser talents. For a closer look, check out Mike’s site, where you can also purchase recent merchandise and browse a fairly extensive gallery of recent artwork… via* supertouch


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