Monday, August 20, 2007

fuct X Jamie Reid (1995)

Some friends of mine over at 530 Media Lab brought this to my attention: an original FUCT Flag Tee, from 1995. I did the actual design in late ‘94 by cutting up an American flag, reconstructing it with safety pins and putting cigarettes out on it. (then taking a picture of it) The design itself is an obvious Jamie Reid reference. I did not know how to use photoshop very well at this point, so I would actually make all the 3-D type images that appeared on the FUCT tee’s through out the 90’s. I despised the look of vector art, (streamline) and still do today, so I tried to stay away from it as much as possible. Once again, FUCT took streetwear to another level in the 90’s era, by doing these type of graphics, other companies were doing tacky vector tracings of wrestlers, also imitating what FUCT did two seasons prior. ] via slam X blogs [

Carry on... with more about Jamie Reid.

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