Sunday, August 26, 2007

FUCT F/W '07 Preview - The FUCT Follies

Here we have yet another preview for you from the FUCT Fall/Winter 2007 collection. Slowly we are getting a bigger picture of their new collection and there are lots of good things coming from them. This time they introduce the FUCT Follies, kind of their own cartoon with lots of nice characters.

"Erik Brunetti & everyones favorite Crip Walkin’ Serb, Vladimir Kato, Have teamed up once again to rub the world the wrong way with this new FUCT design, aptly titled; FUCT FOLLIES. During a recent press interview Mr. Brunetti was quoted saying, “I did not get into this business to make friends, I have plenty…I can count them all on one hand.” During the Toronto Film Festival, where Vladimir Kato was spotted shopping a deal of the animated feature for the FUCT Follies, he was explaining; “great things happen when two friends get together and drink absinth, I don’t understand why Hollywood won’t back this cartoon, it’s got everything, drugs, sex, nazi’s, naked women, gangstas, more naked women, naked women dressed as bunny rabbits…etc”"

Check out the artwork in detail after the jump.

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