Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Digital Shoplifting: You knew it had to happen eventually

Core favorite We Make Money Not Art pointed the way recently, via an interview with artist Paolo Cirio, to a new "crime" reaching epidemic proportions in the shops and newsstands of Japan: Digital Shoplifting.
According to the BBC article describing it, young Japanese (mostly female) shoppers are getting quite comfortable integrating quick photos into their phone discussions. So comfortable, in fact, that it's a crime.
The Japanese Magazine Publishers Association is describing the common practice of shooting and sending snapshots of cute dress and hairstyle layouts in magazines as "information theft," and is spearheading an advertising campaign to discourage it. It's too early to say for sure whether it'll be effective, but our money is on "not a chance." The BBC article mentions the difficulty shop employees have distinguishing between chatting and taking snapshots, but there's the deeper issue of calling an action illegal when it is expressly encouraged by the introduction of a recent technology.
continued...Posted by: Carl Alviani

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