Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coroflot Magazine Issue Two: Axis

The second issue of Coroflot's new bi-monthly publication is out, featuring eleven totallyexcellent Coroflot members who answered the call for work on the theme of Axis. There's some stunning work in there, so check it out. Here's the pitch:
When we think of an axis the first thing that comes to mind are the balanced opposites that are needed for rotation to take place. Like two duelling magnets, contemporary art and design requres conflicting forces to have movement or power. It is for these reasons that the axis is a weighty topic to present and discuss in the art and design making process. Where do we start with our first line? What are the opposing forces that move around this central mark? How do these forces affect our viewer/consumer? The work of artists in Coroflot Issue Two deal with the ideas of axis and with opposites ranging from 'rebellion vs. regulation' to 'price vs. value' to 'appropriation vs. creativity'.Download It Here. (15.8mb pdf)
Posted by: BigElvis

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