Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007 IDEA Award winners

IDSA has just announced the new top picks for 2007's IDEA Award. This year offers a cornucopia of products and concepts that focus on usability and streamlined function--not a whole lot of fancy-pants trendy stuff this time around.
Scooping up a Gold award in the Consumer Products category is the Palm Peeler designed by and for Chef'n Corporation. This vegetable peeler reinvents the way we skin veggies (geez, finally!) by protecting fingers from the blade and from cramping while keeping a clean, modern look.
In the Medical and Scientific sector, the Nanopoint cellTRAY, another Gold winner, is an incredibly advanced microscope slide with an integrated bio-incubator that enables researchers to perform time-lapse imaging of living cells. This is an industry first, accredited to the work of Carbon Design Group and Nanopoint Inc.
IDEO and Eclipse Aviation's 500 Very Light Jet design snagged a Gold in both Transportation and Interaction Design. It's a small twin-engine, 6-seater (including the pilot!) turbofan jet aircraft--the first very light jet to receive approval from the FAA. It has a highly mechanized, automated, modular build like a model kit and its interior takes only two hours to assemble. The jet's cockpit interface not only looks cool, but is the result of implementing intuitive controls, reducing clutter and fatigue, and increasing motion efficiency.
The student selections were very utility based this year, with Best in Show awarded to Gold winner and University of Cincinnati student Ryan Eder for his exercise machine designed for users with or without disabilities, The Access, a truly universal design.
View all 2007 IDEA Award winners here.
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