Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Streetwear Today iSSue 21 ::.

Streetwear Today Issue 21 - Learning New Words
The new Issue of Streetwear Today has released and is has Futura as the cover story with the title - Learning New Words. Other than that the issue is also filled with lots of interesting articles, interviews and product previews.

" And we’ve got more discussions: Don Letts was interviewed by King from Poets & Thieves, Henrik K├╝rschner chatted with Michael Lau, Romy Uebel hooked up with Rockers NYC, Martin Magielka connected with Chris Reed and Roland Bieber spoke with JB’s Miss Mdot, and this is just to name a few.

The scrapbook is filled by Grnappletree, Kiks tyo, 8mileshigh and Nickels & Dimes. The Lines-protagonists are the Reebok V-pack, Garbstore, Wrangler x Marc Jacobs, Levi’s, Undrcrwn, Lady Sixty, Gram, Cheap Monday, Qoniak and Dunderdon. Regarding brand features we have Oakley, Tusantamuerte, Elwood, Revolution/Red Rabbit and Norway’s skateboard label Shit.

You will also cast a glance at some of the most inspiring shops on this planet, this time the Black Rainbow BKRW in Paris, 1206 from Copenhagen, Hamburg’s Sneakology or the hairstylist Schneideraum, also from the Hanseatic City.

Streetwear today has always been a dear friend of all kinds of wheels, so this time power to the pedals! Let’s welcome King Kong BMX, The Shadow Conspiracy, Shitluck, Lavar and the DC/SE coalition."

The Untitled Book Nr. 7 is also coming with the opening of the Bread & Butter tradeshow. We will report about that next week!

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