Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Project To Surface - Intersecting Art And Architecture

Here we present you now one of the most interesting and special projects we have come across in a while.
Located on Madison Avenue, just north of Madison Square Park, m127 is a residential development collaboration between Cardinal Investments and SHoP Architects. m127 is a great example of how to mix old and new perfectly together.
The really interesting part comes now though. Project to Surface is a collaboration between five visual artists and an architect in rendering their visual concepts into three-dimensions through the use of cutting edge architecture software, fabrication tools and techniques. David Diao, Kenji Hirata, KAWS, Matzu-MTP and Leah Raintree will work with designer Ben Krone, a rising star in the architecture world, to create five large-scale sculptural panels. In applying advanced architecture tools and processes to project the artists’ visual concepts into three-dimensional relief, PROJECT TO SURFACE seeks to explore the possibilities and dangers of intersecting art and architecture.
The five finished panels and their prototypes will be exhibited in a gallery exhibition at m127, a new Madison Avenue development in New York City designed by SHoP. The exhibition opens June 28, 2007, and runs for two months.
If you manage to be around, you really do not want to miss this. Fusing art and architecture, art and technology and stretching the boundaries are all attributes of this project. We are convinced that the outcome will be simply mind-blowing.
After the jump you can see some more examples of the work in progress to get an idea!


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