Friday, June 1, 2007

Nau: A New Ground Project ::.

This is a telling story about the generosity of the human spirit and the power of technology with business innovation to increase shareholder equity, by protecting the environment, enhancing social justice, and providing humanitarian relief worldwide.

Years ago, a new realization came to mind through my own independent business ventures. When you are building your own highway, it takes longer than taking a pre-paved course. Dirt roads take longer to drive down because there are no road signs, directions, or sure shots. It’s a long road but worth the wait. However, when you have successfully paved your individual highways, you will never get lost again.

Which brings us to Nau, an outdoor performance-based apparel collective with sustainability and philanthropy at its’ core, which has risen from the .com ashes of the early twenty hundreds. More importantly, the business model will positively change the way many established industries operate and develop business. Chris Van Dyke, Nau. CEO was recruited by Eric Reynolds of Marmot to man up his latest “bold idea.” Chris felt compelled to come out of semi-retirement for the goodness of all principles in life, which he obviously has faith.


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