Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad Brains are BACK!

To those in the know it may not seem possible, but after more than a decade of infighting and failed attempts at reunification under different names and with new frontmen, the legend that is the BAD BRAINS is back in its original lineup with a new album that’s —against all odds— amazingly good. “BUILD A NATION” is the first record of new material since the group’s last halfhearted attempt to reconcile in 1995. Featuring a singer (HR) so crazy he makes Lee Perry look straight and a lightning fast guitarist (DR KNOW) more metal than punk, the group is back to its old tricks, with a sound fans will remember from their accomplished “I Against I” period. Responsible for all of this is the Beastie Boy’s Yauch, who single-handedly managed to pull the boys back together and keep them in check long enough to clock a full LP’s worth of killer material in the studio. A legendary accomplishment if there ever was one. Look for the punk legends on tour this summer, before HR quits again, that is…
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