Friday, June 15, 2007

Art 38 Basel ::. 20 07

Art 38 Basel is one of the, if not the most important event every year in the art world. All prestigious galleries and buyers come out there to see what is going on in the market.

Our people from Yuhzimi visited the Art Basel and also the Liste 07, which is a fair especially done for young talents and happening right next to the Art Basel. If you cannot make it out, we suggest you check out their recap of the event. Deitch is once again one of the most impressive galleries there, showing Kehinde Wiley, Murakami, Haring, Barry McGee, Ryan McGuinness, Warhol and many more.

Visit the Yuhzimi blog now to see some of the most interesting pieces of the fair and also to get a bit the flair of the event.

Check it out here.

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