Thursday, May 10, 2007

Green Rover Project.

Cross-country road trip? Sure, why not. A 6-week, summer of 2007 cross-country road trip in a 1960's Land Rover running on only waste vegetable oil (WVO) gathered along the way? Leave that up to the dudes of the Green Rover Project. Thomas Sherman, Brett Masterson, Robert Daurio, and Nathan Bowman, four recent architecture graduates of Syracuse University, and filmmaker Andrew Catauro will soon set out on their journey, stopping at various locations "to meet with cultural influencers and designers who are adopting sustainable practices and advocating environmental concerns." The main goal of the project is to "raise awareness about new energy alternatives while integrating the arts."

The same eco-minded crew is also involved in the soon-to-be-launched brand Coto Luxe, a collection of sustainable luxury goods.

thanks greg!

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