Thursday, May 17, 2007

Arkitip Lastest Issue: Ricky Powell

For the latest Issue of Arkitip they got together with iconic NYC photographer Ricky Powell.

"The only things I've seen him care about are: sports, animals, his friends, his camera, and puffing. Otherwise everything and everyone else can suck it. It's a simple life that not only he, but also everyone around him feels comfortable with (thus allowing him to document some of the greatest people and moments in Nyc culture)."

The new Issue comes with Ricky's Italian Espresso Coffee Blend, produced exclusively for this edition of Arkitip. Other contributors of the issue include Henrik Vibskov, Yoga Tennis, Guillaume Wolf, Jim Stoten and others.

As usual it is a limited edition of 1'500 and is now available for 30 USD.

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