Friday, April 27, 2007

The Skateboard Curriculum

The Skateboard Curriculum

By Cullen Poythress

You’d think the guy was a nuclear physicist. His graying hair, long white lab coat, and thick glasses suggest nothing less than a PhD in some complicated field of science. But Paul Schmitt is no scientist, not by traditional standards anyway. Professor Schmitt, as he’s affectionately known throughout the skateboard world, is a skateboarder, master craftsman, and now, more than ever, a teacher. Throughout his career, Schmitt has taken the art of skateboard engineering above and beyond—developing, perfecting, and patenting construction techniques that have helped pro skateboarders perform at their pinnacle. Over the last three decades, Schmitt has made more than ten-million skateboards. That’s enough seven-ply maple decks to stretch across the United States.


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