Friday, February 22, 2008

Arkitip Chronicles 'Highmath"

Arkitip have launched their new Chronicles section, as you know, with each issue of Arkitip the team work closely with a different artist, this section enables them to showcase the process as they work together, the first of which last months release and exhibition 'Highmath' with Wood Wood. via* SlamX

Burton Pack Wool Messenger Bag

We present you one of the latest Burton Messenger bags to be released - the Pack Wool Bag. It comes in a winter friendly design in thick felted wool. That does not only look good, but also keeps your goods safe in the cold. Aside from its classic looks, the bag is still very functional and offers all the comfort and technical elements of any other good messenger bag out there. via* HighSnob

Mash SF 2008 Preview

Mash SF, probably one of the most prominent fixed gear crews around the globe, is about to release new t-shirts, as well as hoodies. This time they stepped up the game and worked on some quality cut & sew hoodies with detailed embroideries.

Check out detailed pictures of what there is to come after the jump.

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Original Fake Gore-Tex Denim Jacket

We gave you a first look at this piece a few weeks ago. Now that is has been released in the Honeyee Store, we can show you all the details.

The OriginalFake Gore-Tex denim jacket comes in two colorways. Besides the Gore-Tex lining, it also features waterproof zippers, zipped away hood with Chompers design, logo embroidery on the cuff and pockets on the back.

Detailed pictures after the jump.

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Kluster to commence collabs at TED

"Development and decision-making is better served by engaging groups."

Community collaboration is the focus of Kluster, a new social network that brings the power of the people and their ideas to one central meeting place, a place where those ideas have a better chance of seeing the real world.

The site is live now but will formally debut with its first major project later this month at the upcoming TED Conference in Monterey, CA.

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Thrill of the (book and stair) case

A small residential nest was blessed with this innovative and efficient interior treatment. London-based Levitate Architects dreamed up a staggered stair case cozily inhabited by the renters' impressive book collection--a magically literate ascension to the lofted sleeping area above.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Burton x Carhartt Teaser

Not only can we confirm thanks to Jeff Staple that the Burton x Carhartt collaboration is happening, we can even give you a look at one of the jackets that is part of the collection.
Two great brands with a lot of heritage got together, the outcome are technical jackets in classic Carhartt colors, a meaningful mix of the strenghts of both brands. A while back when we interviewed Greg Dacyshyn, he provided a pic with him already wearing one of the jacket of the collaboration (by the way, the board you see in the pic is an upcoming Burton x Playboy collaboration). This will already give you an idea of what to expect!
Also Jeff Staple mentions that the 2009 iDiom collection, coming later this year, was designed by Staple Design and Fragment Design and has a Green Theme. via* highSnob

Book Review : Panic Attack!: Art in the Punk Years

Released midway through 2007. "Punk is most commonly associated with music, fashion and graphics, but its rebellious and iconoclastic spirit also found expression in the visual arts. "Panic Attack!" explores British and American art between 1974 and 1984, a period not only of economic and social crisis but also of remarkable cultural energy, when art became increasingly politicized just as society at large was moving towards conservatism. Many of the artists featured were part of a dynamic interdisciplinary scene that embraced both art and music, producing work that was sometimes confrontational or angry, but always fiercely independent and intelligent. This work is a vibrant and powerful visual account of an exciting, innovative period in British and American art. It features the work of 30 leading artists, among them Gilbert & George, Nan Goldin, Derek Jarman. Keith Haring, Basquiat and Robert Mapplethorpe. It highlights the burning artistic concerns that defined the spirit of the punk years." - Amazon.
The Punk movement had a huge part to play in the creation and philosophy behind Streetwear, independant thought, rebellion, all aspects of the foundings of Streetwear, recent commentary has gone on to doubt the livelihood of the current streetwear movement, my feelings are that this is a mere result of cultural and economic spread deomgraphically and geographically. Its caused what was originally a niche philosophy and industry into the hands of more people. The result of cause a dilution of its origins. Whether it be Hip Hop, Skate, Punk or whatever other origins of your streetwear offerings, there are still those who covet the founders philosophy, they are merely hidden amongst numerous others who lack an understanding. Panic Attack focuses on the Art that boomed through this culture and era of Punk, many names which are now synomous with the era and have inspired a new wave of artists. In an era where its often slated as the death of Streetwear, the death of Underground in terms of art, fashion, music and more, the current wave of street artists being honed in by the fine art world is a sign that perhaps this is where the inspiration should lie within a new era of streetwear, the art is certainly there as it was in the Punk era, lets take advantage of a movement and an upward slide towards success. via* slamX

"Also Know As" Book Featuring Yuri Shibuya

"Also Know As" have been at the fore front of publication in our culture for some time know and it is a pleasure to hear when a new project is in the works. This latest book featuring photography by Yuri Shibuya who has been spending her summers over the last ten years walking the streets and hanging out with the ragtag cast of characters that help define the downtown New York City scene. Yuri has focused on graffiti, street culture, and especially skaters, with a very honest and nostalgic look at street life in one of the world's most upbeat cites New York over the last decade. Here are a few images from the book which is designed by the AKA crew and Yuri Shibuya is expected to land later this year.
Thanks to Allen Beredikt at AKA for the heads up. via* slamX

Bonham's Urban Art Auction

The highly anticipated 'Urban Art Auction' took place this week at Bonham's, the auction which included a majority of work from Banksey along with the likes of Faile, Blek Le Rat, Keith Haring, Adam Neate, Space Invader, Anthony Micallef and Japanese pop artists Aya Takano, Chiho Aoshima and Takashi Murakami. And as predicted Banksey took centre stage with his top piece fetching an astonishing $443,489 USD with a Space Invader piece fetching an impressive $32,678 USD its not hard to see where this is going...

Reading this I am sure your opinion does not differ from mine as I am writing this, so rather than expressing myself I am going to let the dollar value that Banksey's items sold at do that for me...

“Laugh Now,” stencil spray paint on painted board (in three part), 42" x 23,”2002 SALE PRICE: £228,000 ($443,489 USD)

“Untitled,” stencil spraypaint and acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36,” 2000 SALE PRICE: £191,400 ($372,297 USD)

“Trap Doors,” acrylic and stencil spray paint on canvas, 27" x 32,” 2000 SALE PRICE: £52,800 ($102,702 USD)

“Kate Moss,” screenprint on paper, 20" x 20,” 2005 SALE PRICE: £96,000 ($186,732 USD)

“Bomb Love,” stencil spray paint and acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10", 2002 SALE PRICE: £55,200 ($107,371 USD)

“Riot Copper,” stencil spray paint on canvas, 12″ x 12″, 2002 SALE PRICE: £48,000 ($93,366 USD)

“Laugh Now,” stencil spray paint on canvas, 16″ x 16″, 2002 SALE PRICE: £74,400 ($144,717 USD)

Thanks to SuperTouchBlog for the heads up.

Fuct X Medicom Pillow

For FUCT's upcoming spring/ summer release, the brand is including a pillow with Tokyo's Medicom Toys. The item features the infamous FUCT ape head applied to the pillow with a suede flock treatment for durability and comfort. It will be available exclusively in Japan and select outlets world wide. Limited quantity available.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Greener Gadgets Design Competition Results!

Concluding a marathon day at the Greener Gadgets Conference, Allan Chochinov of Core77 took to the stage along with panelist/judges Ryan Block from Engadget, Valerie Casey of The Designers Accord and IDEO, and Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabit (and Greener Gadgets). Following a whirlwind tour of dozens of notable entries, the panel discussed their top ten, then turned the final vote over the audience in true clap-o-meter style, who's first place choice might have signaled a slight backlash against gadgets--after a whole day of 'em. It was a great session, and we were thrilled with the results. Core77 wants to thank everyone who entered the competition, everyone who supported it, and everyone who made an attempt to create some positive change.
And here are the winners!: via core77

As bottle lightweighting reaches its limits, the handle must go

What does the handle of a milk bottle have in common with a low-rent booking agent? They both take ten percent. UK recycling org WRAP estimates getting rid of the handles on plastic milk bottles will shave 10% off the materials, which means not just cheaper manufacturing costs, but less landfill.
Peter Skelton from WRAP's retail team said: "Plastic milk bottles are probably the most common plastic item found in household waste and manufacturers and brand owners have taken the current handled designs as far as they can go in terms of lightweighting. The vital next step is perfecting a handle-free design which works for the consumer."
Bottle producer Nampak is tackling the project in association with Dairy Crest, which puts out roughly a billion liters of milk in a year. Estimated savings gained by losing their bottle's handle? 1,250 tonnes of HDPE plastic. Designing a better grip feature seems like a small price to pay.
via food production daily
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'History of Graff' ::.

Heres an article written by Metal Man Ed that I found at Boundless NY's blog at Riottt. It's a great piece that looks back at the meaning of graffiti and where it stems from. "To the general population the word “Graffiti” conjures up visions of names and symbols illegally scrawled on walls but to others it is considered a beautiful and overlooked art form. An art form that even despite its general dislike has found its way into mainstream America with huge corporations using it in their products as well as their advertising to target America’s youths as potential customers. It’s constantly being shown in fine art galleries across the world and has come a long way from its 1st century roots where symbols and drawings were carved into rocks as a form of communication."....Read more here.

The Return Of The Decapitator -

While we recently reported on the return of artist "The Decapitator' to London's world of corporate advertising mediums, heres a look at the process itself in a great video. Thanks to Wooster for the heads up. Check out the Flickr page here. via^ SlamX
Related Post : Meet the Culture Jammers.

Ian McKaye Blacklodges Interview

Ian McKaye is known best as founder of Dischord Records, front man of Minor Threat and Fugazi, and is credited with popularizing the straight edge movement in hardcore.
I saw Fugazi play an amazing show in Auckland in the early 90s. My main memory is Mr McKaye halting the show when a drunk member of the audience attempted to crowd surf and ended up knocking over the overhead drum microphones mid song. Rather than punching him in the jaw, he made a clear and calm request to the audience, that they refrain from violence and try to have a good time. Having made this request, Fugazi struck right back into the song, with seamless precision. via* SlamX
Check out the new Blacklodge interview with Ian McKaye.

Griffin x Baracuta G9 Reversible Jacket

Griffin got together with Baracuta to create their own version of the classic G9 jacket. They made a reversible model, which on one side looks very classic, on the other side it features a camouflage pattern, as well as prints in the back.
The jacket is now available in the Griffin online store. After the jump more pics.

Ace Hotel x Number (N)ine

Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita’s Fall ‘08 menswear line and Paris show draw inspiration from the Ace Hotel Portland.
At his fall 2008 menswear show in Paris on January 17, fashion designer Takahiro Miyashita of Number (N)ine unveiled an inspired collaboration with the Ace Hotel Portland.
A Northwest grunge aesthetic runs through Miyashita’s fall pieces. The show, titled “My Own Private Portland,” opened with an Ace Hotel voicemail message. Portland-made Pendleton wool blankets folded on each seat invited guests to snuggle up.
The utilitarian wool blankets are emblazoned with the Thompson elk, a historical statue located in downtown Portland. Modeled on classic Pendleton hotel blankets, they represent Portland and the collection’s vintage-Americana feel. Ace and Number (N)ine are currently collaborating to create additional products which will be released this fall. You can buy the blankets at Number (N)ine’s Manhattan flagship store, and soon they’ll be at the Ace’s forthcoming NYC outpost.
Miyashita incorporates the Ace into his work because it exemplifies Portland: luxe but irregular, with echoes of a rough-and-tumble history. Miyashita’s nod to grunge fits with the Ace’s historical consciousness and place in a living cultural center. via^ hignSnob

Carhartt x Fantomass - We Love Limited Edition 2

After their successful T-shirt project “We Love Limited Edition” one year ago, Carhartt & Fantomass are proud to present five new series of zipped hoodies.“We Love Limited Edition 2” has been designed by 5 renowned artists: Akroe, Andy Howell, Jonone, Superdeux and Will Barras. This time the collection is all black and each piece comes in an exclusively designed “We Love Limited Edition 2” box that also can be used as a canvas. Each of the five designs is numbered and limited to 200 samples, and a certificate of ownership verifies each piece.
This limited edition is exclusively available at Carhartt stores from the end of January 2008. Check out all the hoodies of this pack after the jump.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The $20,000 Coffee Maker, Step by Step

The Japanese siphon bar, which makes brewed coffee, at the Blue Bottle Café in San Francisco. The only halogen-powered model in the United States, the siphon bar was imported from Japan at a cost of more than $20,000. Read and See More ::.

A Chapel Converted Into a Modern Apartment

The decline in church attendance over the last several decades has meant that countless churches across the Netherlands have lost their function. They are crumbling, are demolished, or are put to new uses. Their specific architectural features often fall by the wayside in this process. Not every church can be turned into a municipal exhibition hall, and if, for example, a residential use is chosen, the original spatial qualities are usually lost. A dutch firm named Zecc has converted an old chapel into an apartment, carefully respecting and enhancing the character of the original building. The chapel was part of a large housing complex of the Friars of Utrecht, which at its height, around the mid-20th century, housed 217 residents. The remaining 13 elderly friars, however, moved to a nursing home in 2005, and the complex was divided up and converted into about 40 apartments. More Pictures Here ::.

Adam Cvijanovic::. Love Poem (10 minutes after the end of gravity)

Drawing inspiration from Renaissance fresco painting, Adam Cvijanovic’s ‘portable murals’ depict contemporary landscapes with a sense of celestial awe. Spanning 75 feet, Cvijanovic’s Love Poem captures the dreamy and disquieting essence of suburban Americana as a rapturous science fiction tableau. Envisioning sun-bleached L.A. ten minutes after the end of gravity, Cvijanovic’s utopia ascends in a whirlwind of consumerist ecstasy. Emulating movie backdrops as well as the acclivous perspective of cathedral dome tromp l’oiels, Love Poem… combines the sublime horror of disaster films with a majestic religiosity, as bungalows, Broncos, and palm trees are destroyed in the exaltation of their own perfectness. Painted entirely by the artist without assistants, on a plastic used by Fed Ex, Cvijavovic’s work reconstitutes the intimacy of timeless artistry with a modern day immediacy.

Open-source housing: architects collaborate to combat calamities

It's the high-tech version of an Amish barn-raising: Open-source disaster housing.

The Open Architecture Network is an open-source, social-networking community charged with helping to shelter people grappling with poverty and natural disasters. It uses Web 2.0 technologies to enable architects anywhere to upload and share their designs online under a Creative Commons license.

Co-founded by UK architect Cameron Sinclair (who maintains a blog with the excellent title "Design Like You Give a Damn"), the organization hopes to soon incorporate digital maps and CAD drawings that can be collaborated on in real time. Click here for a photo gallery of currently-shared designs.

via c net

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Ari Marcopoulos 'The Chance Is Higher'

Ari Marcopoulos latest show is about to kick off at Colette in Paris to coincide with the release of his latest book 'The Chance is Higher', edited by Dashwood. The book is already available at Colette's E-Shop here and the show kicks off 28th January and runs through 23rd February.

"Ari Marcopoulos is a Dutch photographer who started working with Andy Warhol. He is particularly into arts, and music when he gets to New York in 1979 where he discovers the Hip Hop scene and starts great friendships with some of the biggest names in the industry like Fab 5 Freddy or Run DMC.
He will focus on the underground culture transforming New York at that time. Today he exhibits around the world. Today with his latest book The Chance is Higher, edited by Dashwood, visit his exhibition of prints "gone through a copying machine" from January 28th until February 23rd. "

via* slamX

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Black Watch Co. BWC PVD 109

As of recent times, we've noticed a surge of timepiece related industry releases. A handy accessory that keeps most of our busy lives in check and at the same time compliment our individual nature. From digital to quartz we've seen an array of creative releases in the past year and now a new high-end timepiece has emerged, one not many of us would be able to partake in, but evident to see would garner a most warm welcome into the timepiece forray of our industry.

The Black Watch Co. is the brainchild of Le Messie (FALSE), one of the new emerging minds in our culture dedicated to quality over quantity, in partnership with German Jeweller/Watch Craftsman Martin L. Riedel and Industrial Designer Lars Amhoff (The Substain).

Designed by Le Messie the timepiece can be dubbed future vintage with it's smooth contours and rugged armored look reminiscent of old WWII engagement vehicles. The impressive 46mm case inspired by the much earlier Panerai models makes room for the hand-crafted grill face windowing the Unitas 6497-1 swiss hand-wound internal skeletal movt. The rubber strap that holds it together is manufactured with the same high quality natural indian rubber used on the famed Hublot collector watches. via SlamX

Capsule Show: Gourmet | NFN Teaser

Its not often that we get requests to withhold imagery on the latest and most interesting of new fashion. But who in their right mind would consider not agreeing to be discreet when it involves the men behind Gourmet | NFN?

Sure we have all seen the footwear (which is included in this very post) but not much has been seen of their incredibly well done cut and sew high end line. How high end you ask? We know most of it to be produced in Italy, which holds a special place with the Gourmet fam. Some have even suggested that production is being done in the very same factories producing Dior and NF Purple? Monclair? For now, we dont know for sure, but we might as well toss you a few teasers.

We promise to get the full range of shots just as soon as Jon's evil eyes stop blaring down on us. Check out Gourmet at

Check out many more teasers and images after the jump.

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Highsnobiety TV x Frontline - Reserver LA

We continue to show you some nice video. This time we show you in collaboration with Frontline, the Freshjive LA flagship store, better known as Reserve. We give you a close look at the interior of the store, the offering of clothing and books and also had a quick chat with the man in charge. via* highSnob.

See the Video here...

Sensory Lamp for cubicle junkies ::> Suckers!

Given you have enough space on your desk, adding the Sensory Lamp to your mousing zone may remind you that there's a whole world filled with light and nature outside the room your computer's in. The user is exposed to simulated natural day light cycles, the fresh smell of grass, and is responsible in keeping the grass alive. According to the designer and soon to graduate MICA ID student Sarah Rossbach, "in a step towards the office of the future, the Sensory Lamp takes us back to nature."

via gizmodo

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Skatesh*t : ] via Slam X [

Skatesh*t was a recent exhibition of european skateboarding photography at Budapest's Carhartt store, the images of which have now been published online for all to see here. The show does continue to stay live in Budapest till the 16th of february, so check it if you can. Thanks to Mashkulture.

Meet the Culture Jammers ::.

Very interesting article sub-titled "8 Anti-Authority Artists and Activists You Should Know", again, more media attention for the newest phenomenom in the art world according to the world's media, the list includes regulars here at Slam X Hype, like Graffiti Research Lab, The Decapitator, Banksy, Adbusters and others. Take a look here, nothing new here for most of you, but another example of the media attention artists like Banksy are receiving of late. Thanks to Hypediss.

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Art Attack by Peter Kennard

Banksy on Portobello Road, London

The Decapitator in London

Rubbers of yore were wrapped in paper

vintage paper-based condom envelopes via coudal

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Stussy x Tilt Studded Belt/Bracelet

Stussy and Tilt got together to work on some belts and bracelets. The pieces come in high quality leather with black studs and are now available in Japanese Chapter Stores.

More pictures after the jump.

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Futura Laboratories Raglan Shirts

Futura Laboratories released some nice new Raglan t-shirts. Overall there are three new designs, each coming on a range of colors. A black and white design and also partnered with a gold foil print Futura signature. These are now available at the FL Shop Tokyo.

Check out the other two after the jump.

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PAM x CLOT Pizza Party Reversible Jacket

The much talked about PAM x CLOT Pizza Party Reversible Jacket will be released today at Juice Hong Kong. Coming on one side with a black satin upper and on the other with a pizza all-over design, Juice will be releasing the jacket packaged in a pizza box. If you can pull this off, then you better be there early today!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Of Brands 2007 Feature: via* SlamXHype

2007 was a big year in Streetwear, a transition into a new generation of streetwear brands making their mark, an older generation moving into a new direction and of course further growth of our niche economically and demographically, we don't just cover streetwear here at Slam though, when we speak of brands and those who made a big impact in 2007 we have to consider all aspects of Pop culture, Apple's moves within the year are an example of a brand name going from strength to strength. Have a look at what some of our friends and bloggers thought of the year thats been as far as which brands had a great year and why....

Adam Bryce

Fuct, I can't think of a brand in my lifetime that has made as big an impact in one year than Fuct did throughout 2007, and interestingly kept its high standard of quality and respect throughout all that growth. Erik Brunetti's decision to restrict production to Japan and availability of cut and sew to Japan has ensured that the brand will be kept in good steed in years to come as it continues to make one of the most impressive comebacks from any fashion or streetwear brand in some time.

Visvim, in an era where streetwear has become criticised for its lack of quality and inventiveness, Visvim has done nothing but provide the highest standards of quality and continue to create strong trends and a brand which has acquired a cult following. 2007 is merely a continuation of their good work, but with ongoing colaborations with the likes of Comme Des Garcons and others its obvious what direction they are headed, finding that gap between streetwear and fashion so sorely needed, as I expect the likes of Soph, Headporter Plus and Uniform Experiment to be a part of this movement too. Im always a big fan of Undercover, Margiela and Comme all had great years, it was great to see comebacks from Fergadelics Tonite and Moncler also.


"Will Rise" Seventh Letter Crew

The Seventh Letter is having an exhibit opening January 19th at the Robert Berman Gallery, San Fransisco. "Will Rise, curated by Brett Aronson, will feature the work of an elite crew within The Seventh Letter known as Angels Will Rise (AWR). As some of LA’s most influential graffiti artists out there, the show will consist of a floor-to-ceiling mural installation constructed by AWR members Pusher, Ewok, Sever, Skrew, Reyes, Retna, Revok, Saber, R, Krush, Rime, and Zeser." Info from Juxtapoz. via*slamX

Inquirind Mind - Alife NYC Feature

The good people from Inquiring Mind have put up their latest feature and this time spoke with three of the founders of Alife NYC. It's an interesting read on how they started, what keeps them motivated, what Alife stands for and where they are heading. via* highSnob

Read it here.

Futura x Burton Vapor Board

Futura now also joined forces with Burton to work on the Vapors Board. The board features the trademark atmo/helix design by the artist in several colors. For now we dont know when this board will release, but we'll for sure keep you posted! Via Hypebeast.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ecolect Nau 3rd Coast Launch Party Chicago

Nau Chicago is having a very special event on the evening of Friday January,
18th with provides the first freely accessible
on-line database of sustainable materials for architects, builders,
furniture designers, fashion designers, and more. With head quarters in
Providence, RI and San Francisco CA, is a place for
individuals and businesses to learn, share, connect, and discover the
best in eco-materials and design.

The "3rd Coast Launch Party" is from 6pm to 9pm and will have "Web
Interaction" presentations throughout the night from the founders of with food, wine, beer, sustainable networking, shopping, and
a DJ to make this evening a great "wind down" to a busy work week.
Basil Hayden Bourbon will be providing the spirits with a signature cocktail dubbed the "Ecolectual" with IZZe sparkling soda.

Nau Chicago Webfront
2118 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL, 60614

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jeff Howe discovers Crowd Sourcing ::.

Too appropriate! WIRED editor Jeff Howe's recently come up with Coversourcing, a competition to design the cover of his new book, Crowdsourcing : How the Power of the Crowd is driving the future of business. Sponsored by Random House and Creative Review, the competition "invite[s] designers, creatives, and doodlers alike to submit their own designs for the book jacket. You can vote on your favourites, and the winning design will be printed on the UK edition of Crowdsourcing and win £500."

via notcot

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"Light Grafitti"

We've all seen "Light Grafitti" (arguably invented by Picasso) and its variations before, and now the genre's advancing a bit through more precise shuttering (photos above). Also worth a look is artist Eric Staller's site; he's been tripping the light fantastic since the '70s.

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Barry “Twist” McGee ::. via* Slam X

One of my favourite magazines Swindle have published an interview with the normally media shy Barry McGee.. its a great interview and a chance to get an insight into the thoughts of one of today's greatest artists.

"Other artists blazed the trail that brought graffiti from the urban landscape into galleries. But no street or graffiti artist who came before Barry “Twist” McGee had executed the transition with such finesse. Born in San Francisco in 1966, a city he continues to make his home, Twist began painting graffiti in 1984 at the age of 18. He began showing his work in local galleries, slowly building a following, and, in 1991, he received a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting and printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. This was quickly followed by grants and fellowships—one notably sent him to Brazil, where he observed clustered framed artworks displayed in churches. McGee incorporated this presentation style into his art shows, which brought a kinetic, urban immediacy to the staid gallery space." Read the rest if the interview here.

The Sistine Chapel by Paco Rosic

Sarajevo born Graffiti artist Paco Rosic has spent 4 months emulating what took Michelangelo 4 years to create between 1508-1512, this time though, in Iowa and with a spray can. More here.

Info from Eternally Cool.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Héctor Serrano's Reduced Carbon Footprint Souvenirs

Sure, the name, Reduced Carbon Footprint Souvenirs, is kind of a mouthful but the extra verbiage is essential in explaining what's behind Héctor Serrano's take on a most popular tourist pastime--purchasing souvenirs.

A collection of souvenirs that can be send by e-mail and then materialize using a 3D Printer (stereolithography rapid prototyping). No transport or standard production methods are required so the object carbon footprint is reduced to the minimum.

The project questions the way objects are manufactured and new technologies are applied to propose alternative ways of reducing their impact on the environment.

via dezeen

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Day in Rock Report

The Smoking Gun